Helpful Software for Faculty:
Software for Students:
             o Academic Software : Purchase discounted Microsoft Software available to students
             o Adobe Software : Purchase discounted Adobe Software available to students
             o Microsoft DreamSpark : Free downloads and trial software from Microsoft
*** If you want to download a trial version of Microsoft Web Expressions, please see  these instructions.
             o Adobe Subscription Edition:  Adobe now offers a month-to-month usage subscription for some of their programs
General Downloads
Computer Protection Tools:
Note: Read all product instructions before installing any program. WVU Parkersburg is not responsible for any possible damage that could be caused by using any of the products.
             o AVG Anti-Virus : Free Anti-Virus for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
             o aVast Anti-Virus : Free Anti-Virus with anti-spyware protection for Windows 8, 7 or Vista
             o LAVASOFT Ad-Aware : Free software able to remove Adware from a computer
             o Malwarebytes Anti-Malware : Free software able to remove Malware from a computer
             o Microsoft Security Essentials : Free Anti-Virus from Microsoft
             o Spy-Bot Spyware Cleaner : Free software able to remove Spyware from a computer
General Tools:
             o Adobe Acrobat Reader : Enables users to view and print PDF files
             o Adobe Flash Player : Allows you to view FLASH content on a webpage
             o JAVA Download : Free plug-in used in E-Campus and in other features on the Web
             o OpenOffice : Freeware alternative to Microsoft Office
             o SKYPE Video Calling : Offers online chat and free video phone calls over an internet connection
             o VLC Video Viewer : Free multimedia player for a varity of formats, including DVDs and CDs

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