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Gmail Overview:
Gmail is the email service for the institution. Gmail offers the flexibility to view email on your desktop (via Microsoft Outlook) or through a web client. Your email address will end “@wvup.edu“ NOT gmail.com.


1. What will my new email address be? 
     Your email address structure will be based on the type of user
  • Faculty/Staff Example:   Jane.Doe@wvup.edu   
2. Why do I have two email addresses?  3. Is there a difference between Microsoft Outlook and Gmail Web Client?
Differences between Microsoft Outlook and Gmail Web Client Navigation 

4. How do I set up Google Apps 2-Step Verification ?

5. How do I set up my email on a smartphone or mobile device?

6. Faculty: How do I send an email to my entire class?
  o Full-Time Faculty and Staff: Class Lists in Outlook

Using Your Email with Microsoft Outlook 2010 Tutorials: o Outlook Navigation
  • Create an Auto-Reply Notice for Incoming Email
    This will need to be done in the web interface at  http://webmail.wvup.edu . For directions, please see the link here.

o Creating and Sending an Email o Course Management

Google Calendar Overview:
  • Allows for easy time-management and the ability to share and see calendar information with others.

Google Calendar through Microsoft Outlook Tutorials:


Google Drive Overview:
  • Google Drive is a web-based file maintenance center.
  • It allows you to save, edit and create documents spreadsheets, presentation slides and drawings using Google Docs.
  • Google Docs is a service within Google Drive. You can also open Gmail attachments in Google Docs to view and make edits.

  • FAQs

    1. If I upload a file to Google Drive, how do I edit it if I need to?
    • Microsoft files uploaded to Google Drive, and are accessed using the Installed version, will be edited using
      the Microsoft Office Suite installed on the computer.
    • If you use the web version to view or make changes, not all files can be edited using the web tools for Google Drive.
                             o Editable File Types:
                                  - .cvs
                                  - .doc or .docx (Microsoft Word Files)
                                  - .html
                                  - .pptx or .pps (Microsoft PowerPoint Files)
                                  - .ods
                                  - .rtf
                                  - .txt
                                  - .xls or .xlsx (Microsoft Excel Files)
    • If you create a Google Docs, Sheets, Slides or Drawings file in the Google Web Client, you can only edit the
      files in the Google Web Client.
    • You can download a Google-created file and it will be saved in its corresponding format:

    •                  o Google Docs = .docx
                       o Google Slides = .pptx
                       o Google Sheets = .xlsx
    2. How do I rename or remove a file from Google Drive Installed?

         o Rename a File:
            Right-Click the file inside of Google Drive Installed and select RENAME to rename a file.

         o Remove a File:
            Right-Click the file inside of Google Drive Installed and select DELETE to remove a file.

    Google Drive Installed Tutorials:

    Google Talk Overview:
    • Google Talk is an optional instant messaging system which allows you to chat with other users.
    • In order to chat with a user, the user must accept an add request, as with other instant messaging systems.
    Google Talk Installed Tutorials:

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