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Gmail Overview:
Gmail is the email service for the institution. Gmail offers the flexibility to view email on your desktop (via Microsoft Outlook) or through a web client. Your email address will end ““ NOT

If you have NEVER logged into the new WVUP Email System, through Google Apps, please see the instructions below.

1. What will my new email address be? 
     Your email address structure will be based on the type of user
  • Faculty/Staff Example:   
2. Why do I have two email addresses?  3. Is there a difference between Microsoft Outlook and Gmail Web Client?
Differences between Microsoft Outlook and Gmail Web Client Navigation

4. How do I set up my email on a smartphone or mobile device?

5. How do I send an email to my entire class?

Using Your Email with the Gmail Web Client Tutorials: o Gmail Navigation o Creating and Sending an Email
o Course Management


Google Calendar Overview:
  • Allows for easy time-management and the ability to share and see calendar information with others.

Google Calendar Web Client
Didn't find what you were looking for?
        o For more information, please see Google Calendar Online Support available here.


Google Drive Overview:
  • Google Drive is a web-based file maintenance center.
  • It allows you to save, edit and create documents spreadsheets, presentation slides and drawings using Google Docs.
  • Google Docs is a service within Google Drive. You can also open Gmail attachments in Google Docs to view and make edits.

1. If I upload a file to Google Drive, how do I edit it if I need to?
  • Microsoft files uploaded to Google Drive, and are accessed using the Installed version, will be edited using
    the Microsoft Office Suite installed on the computer.
  • If you use the web version to view or make changes, not all files can be edited using the web tools for Google Drive.
                         o Editable File Types:
                              - .cvs
                              - .doc or .docx (Microsoft Word Files)
                              - .html
                              - .pptx or .pps (Microsoft PowerPoint Files)
                              - .ods
                              - .rtf
                              - .txt
                              - .xls or .xlsx (Microsoft Excel Files)
  • If you create a Google Docs, Sheets, Slides or Drawings file in the Google Web Client, you can only edit the
    files in the Google Web Client.
  • You can download a Google-created file and it will be saved in its corresponding format:

  •                  o Google Docs = .docx
                     o Google Slides = .pptx
                     o Google Sheets = .xlsx
2. How do I rename or remove a file from Google Drive Installed?

     o Rename a File:
        Right-Click the file inside of Google Drive Installed and select RENAME to rename a file.

     o Remove a File:
        Right-Click the file inside of Google Drive Installed and select DELETE to remove a file.

Google Talk Overview:
  • Google Talk is an optional instant messaging system which allows you to chat with other users.
  • In order to chat with a user, the user must accept an add request, as with other instant messaging systems.

Google Talk via Gmail Web Client:

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